Day 14 – Rapid City

Mick has spent so many evenings, while I was fast asleep, writing the days events.

Yesterday evening we left Bismarck early in the morning. A warm dry morning. After driving on long empty gravel roads we stopped for our first regularity. On a winding gravel road we had to drive with 65 km per hour speed and we still had to take turns take the right at T crossings and speed up again after sharp turns. We did very well. Only 7 seconds penalty. I like the regularity’s now. We learned quickly and we work very well and sharp together. Mick only has to learn to slow down when I tell him… We will try tomorrow.

After many long warm hours over empty roads in the prairie we arrived in Sturgis. In Sturgis they have the largest motorcycle gathering in the world. Very soon the small town will be taken over by over a 100.000+ bikers!!! ( Fritz komm nach Sturgis mit Uschi!!)

After Sturgis we finished our day in the famous cowboy town called Deadwood. Such a fun place. A very good band was practising for the evening and many people had put their camping seats out in front of the stage.

Deadwood boomed around 1876 when they found gold. Chinese came all the way from China to work in Deadwood. They started the first gamble places. The place survived three major fires but in 1989 limited-wage gambling was legalized and Deadwood was reborn.

After we left Deadwood it was a beautiful trip through the Black hills to Rapid City. Our car is running well. Many crews have problems with the altitude or with the low octane in the petrol.

Today is our rest-day. Sonja and I went to the Mall in Rapid City to do some shopping while the boys were looking after the cars. Nuts and bolts day they call that.

In the afternoon we went to a bear-park. We were going to drive through it but we almost forgot that we had to close the roof and windows because of the bears. With 32 degree C we got really warm, but… we saw many bears!! Tonight we will have an other thunderstorm after a hot day.


Grace and Mick