Day 16 /2 Cody

We are in Indian Territory and it is just like in the Old Cowboy movies.

A lot of prairie and the high mountains in the background like a film set.

The morning began with a rally –free run to the historical sites of “Little Big Horn” and “Custer’s Last Stand”

In the valley of Little Big Horn river the US army fought in 1876 a battle with thousands of Lakota and Cheyenne warriors. They lost against the Indians who tried to preserve their own land against the invaders from outside.

It is an impressive sight and when you overlook the landscape you wonder why the American invaders wanted to take the land the Indians had owned for centuries until you discover that this land was holding quite a bit of gold..

Sounds familiar but nowadays its about land that holds oil instead of gold.

A few km up the road the rally regrouped at a small museum with artefacts about the same battle.

We had time for a short lunch and then the rally clock started ticking again.

On our way to the first and only regularity of the day we drove towards the Big Horn Mountains, climbing as high as 2700 meters on our Garmin alti meter. Unlike the Needles highway yesterday this mountain highway is wide and spacious with hardly any traffic on it. The views are stunning!

By the way we have crossed state lines between Wyoming into Montana and then back into Wyoming.

This highway led us to a dirt track on the way to the regularity of the day. Twelve km off road average speed 46 km downhill, with two intermediate time controls and a finish control.

Unlike yesterday this one did not go well and we lost time over the whole stretch, which means we fortunately only traded one place with our British competitor in the Triumph TR.

Most of the others had bad results as well, particularly our other Dutch competitors who all finished behind us.

Tom and Femke in their Pagode even broke down during the test with a loose throttle linkage. Tom quickly fixed it but it costs a lot of time.

After the test we gradually wound our way down the mountain on the way to Cody, the town where Buffalo Bill had lived. It is all Cowboys and Indians in this territory and a beautiful experience to drive through.

The weather is warm and sunny and we are driving with the top down all of the time.

Tonight after an early rally dinner at the holiday inn hotel we were taken by bus outside Cody for a Rodeo show.

A great event but when you see close up how they make the horses and bulls wild before they are let loose with their unfortunate riders it would make some animal activists cringe. However its is a way of life for the cowboys and its like we go to soccer matches in the weekends.

The rally organisers asked us to dress up with checked shirts; jeans and they provide us with cowboy hats.

It was a nice evening altogether

Tomorrow is a rally free day with a route that takes us through Yellowstone Park.

Grace has been there in the seventies and is going to show me the sites.

Tonight in Idaho Falls.

Mick and Grace

Happy Birthday to Urschi Kleinert!