Day 19 – Elko to Reno

Just a short message from Reno, Nevada where we have arrived for our very well deserved rest and repair day.

Please do not get confused by the last message “ stranded in Nevada” because that related to yesterday when we just managed to get to the hotel in time after stopping in the desert. 

Today was probably the hottest day in the rally with temperatures soaring to 38 C. and it was one of our best regularity days so far. Two regularity test at mountain passes over 2000 meter in sweltering hot weather gave us our first zero penalty of the rally. The car gave us no problems until we reached the busy ring of Reno at the end of the day when the engine died at the worst possible place.

We had to wait to let it cool down in the middle of the rush hour traffic with temperatures at an all time high. After ten minutes ‘cooling’ down the car restarted and brought us to the gate of out hotel for the next two days and then it died again.

I think it is just the fuel getting so hot that it is boiling in the tank.

Tomorrow a day of rest and checking the car so more about the rally tomorrow night.

Good night,

Mick and Grace