Day 3 Edmunston - Quebec

We have arrived in Quebec  for our first rest day of the rally and our tent for the  next two nights  is the opulent Fairmont - Le Chateau Frontenac - hotel towering over the city of Quebec.

After three days of rallying its a bit early to already have a rest day but  I think the organizers thought it was worth it to let us stay an extra day in Quebec.

Today started in pouring rain with a start from the Edmunston hotel. We were hoping to take the top off by lunch time but no such luck and the rain kept pouring until we reached the outskirts of Quebec .

The morning saw an ten km regularity section - 60 km and 65 km average speed- over a very muddy and slippery forrest track. Grace and I changed our regularity approach a bit and it worked. After the 10 km section we were precisely 3 secs fast. For the experts such as Marielle and Irene this is still a big margin but for the new team its a great succes.

After this test it was really a matter of reading the route book and the map to find our way to Quebec. We had some more slippery forrest tracks and some long runs along two lane roads often bordering an amazing lake.

There was a lunch stop at a local restaurant near a lake. A set lunch was served by very old fashioned dressed waitresses. The food since Halifax has not been spectacular with overcooked vegetables and soggy potatoes  but we are not complaining and I think Quebec is going to make it up for us.

As I mentioned yesterday we are not impressed by the architecture that we see along the route. The nature is beautiful but the houses they have build here ( wooden) are really ugly and often in bad repair.

It reminds me of pictures of Brighton (UK) in the fifties. Still very few people about and we see no children. It looks like aliens have taken all away...

Closer to Quebec  its get a bit better 

Then when we reached the outskirts of town  just past traffic light a policeman jumps into the road and signals me to stop...

At the time we were in a small convoy of rally cars but I was in front so that's why they picked me  or was it because I have the nicest car...

The officer asked me in a very pleasant tone where we come from , then informed me that we were going a ' lietel biet' too fast and that for this time he would let me go .

Quite honestly I think if Any had sat next to me instead of Grace I would have been in jail for the night.

After this little interlude we  came to the end of the long road at a small ferry port. The ferry took us a short crossing over the lake towards the old town and our hotel in Quebec.

It was a nice and relaxed crossing and the sun came out for the first time today. The drive from the ferry to the hotel / chateau was five minets up a steep hill and into the hotel gates.

After checking in  the room our three day laundry was send away and tonight we will have a quiet dinner with our dutch competitor friends.

More of our first experiences in Canada  and impressions from  Quebec tomorrow.

Rest me to say that Grace brought me to Quebec  without any really serious mistakes. She takes to the rally system as  duck to the water. She has brought me to Quebec now she will guide me all the way to San Francisco. 

For those interested in the performance of the new /old car all I can say its doing everything I expect it to do and more. The 911's in the rally  are a bit mystified about this Pagode. Its fast on the tracks and very fast on the off road sections and it feels comfortable to drive fast.

Until  tomorrow