Day 4 - rest day Quebec

Dear friends

Sorry for the delay with the report of the rest day in Quebec but an hour after our arrival at world known Fairfax hotel in Quebec I received a phone call in our room from the chief of the hotel security with a request if he could come to our room.

I had no idea what it was about but it sounded serious. When he arrived he was accompanied by another burly looking person. 

Is  there a problem I asked him and he said yes there is a problem with your car in the hotel underground car park as the men behind him had taken his pick-up truck out of the park space next to our car and his bumper had damaged my mirror he explained in broken english. How could we deal with this problem he asked. I thought a mirror is not such a big deal until he showed me a picture on his phone which showed that he had taken the whole headlamp out of the car. 

I went into shock and then with the two gentlemen to the parking to have a look at the remains. You have seen the picture it was a mess and I told them in no uncertain terms that this needed to be fixed before I would leave on Thursday morning.

Apologies etc and we agreed to meet in the morning to see if there would to be a police report for the insurance etc.

 Then on the phone to my insurance agent who advised me that the cost of the unit - a 1966 headlamp is $ 1000 +-- it would be better to try and settle it with the hotel or the person who did it and who is an employee of the hotel.

Then a mail to Mike Kunz - manager of the Mercedes Benz USA Classic centre and on the phone with Altena in Holland to see if we could quickly source a new unit and a quote for my friend with the pick up.

Both Mike  at MB USA and Arnold at Altena were quick to respond and it looks like we have found the right part which will be shipped to one of our locations in the USA.

During the evening the ERA rally mechanics heard about it and offered to help fix the light in the morning.

I will not bore you with all the details of what happened the next day- the restday- but I spend most day in the garage  or with various hotel managers or filing a report with a Quebec police officer but in the end I left Quebec with no solution to who is going to pay for this damage.

However when I  arrived in the garage in the morning the ERA crew had already started work on the remains of the headlamp and within an hour Owen Turner had put together all the pieces and put the lamp back together again in such a  way that the headlamp and indicator worked and was taped together .From a short distance you would not see it had been broken.

Magic guys and a big thank you!  We know Owen and his sweep crew from Peking to Paris and they can work  miracles.

Grace and Sonja took the time to do some sightseeing in Quebec and with some difficulty the managed to find us a decent restaurant for dinner with A&S and Tom and Femke. It was a good choice in a town that is full of very tourist eateries.

I am not impressed with Quebec. 

With its french roots it resembles Eurodisney in its final days. You realize that I am not too impressed by  the part of Canada we have seen.

Tomorrow into the USA.

Good night,