Day 6 Old Forge – Buffalo

The night at Old Forge by the lake was spend at the local fire brigade who had invited the rally with their cars to the fire station near our hotel. It was a fun evening with BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and good beer!
Grace quickly made friends with the chief paramedic of the station, who has already served the fire brigade for 52 years. He proudly showed the inside his ambulance that looked more then a small hospital and a special bush buggy that tackles the wild terrain in the area. The fire brigades in the USA is very different from what we know in Europe and the fire stations look more like a living community then a garage.
They even have their own bar with beer on tap, but the chief assured me that this was only used when off duty.
A great evening amongst a small and very welcoming community.

Thanks Old Forge!

Today is the route from Old Forge to Buffalo. The first 60 kms brought us through beautiful landscapes along nice flowing roads with lakes and forests. There were two short regularity sections on forest off road tracks average speeds 63 km and 56km for the second.

The first test went well until we overlooked/shot a turn to the left. Reversing and coming back to the overage speed is not easy on such a short section. We got 6 secs. Penalty. The second session went better but we did get a 4 sec penalty. Not quite our day and this time the other Dutch crews scored better.

After the tests a 148 km run through varying landscapes and roads, sometimes highways, to the lunch stop at a nice location on Lake Ontario. ‘Catchpole Shore’. Just before lunch a rainstorm threatened butt did not break yet, so we continued driving with the top down. It’s warm and humid so top up is too warm. Suddenly he raindrops started and we continued driving hoping it would stop again. When we are moving we stay dry but then we had a left turn at a traffic light with no where to go and were sitting in the rain.

Anyway we persevered and when we got to the lunch halt it was dry and sunny again.

After lunch we continued towards our goal Buffalo and although there were no more tests we had to move quite swiftly in the rapidly building Friday afternoon traffic. It takes time to get used to the traffic after days driving virtually alone in the wilderness.

Another thunderstorm threatened and Grace and I agreed that when the first drops would fall we would stop to close the top. Just in time we did close the top because what happened next was a deluge of water and wind. Really severe.

The last part of the journey was not so nice as we passed the outskirts of Rochester NY a very industrial looking town and well know as the headquarters of one time giant Eastman Kodak and copy giant Xerox.

Then onto Buffalo where our Hyatt hotel is located in downtown Buffalo. Through the Friday rush hour and the humidity we arrived there at about 17.15. Another long day at the office but again Grace brought me there without fail. She is frustrated about our time penalties at the tests so she is getting really completive now. Our other Dutch friends our closing in on us so we need to be alert over the next week.

Tonight a quiet diner in the hotel steakhouse with Anty and Sonja and tomorrow a rest day with a chance to go to the Niagara Falls.

Mick & Grace