Day 7 Rest day Buffalo

Another rest day in a short space of time.

The plan was to do some general work on the car and then join an excursion to the Niagara Falls at 2pm. Unfortunately Grace woke up with a migraine and after trying to get up went straight back to bed again. I checked all the vital organs of the car and took a front and rear wheel off to inspect the brake pads. They were all in good health.

Anty having already finished the check of the MG came over and checked over the underside/ rear axel and some other points under the car. All approved.

Some of you may have noted that a few days ago the Trans America Challenge Facebook page talked about Anty de Haas checking over the car…. so Mick Verloop will be driving soon!

In the mean time this morning Sonja had been checking in with Grace and did some magic neck and shoulder manipulation to ease the tension after which Grace slept for two and a half hours to wake up virtually cured form the headache. Sonja must have magic powers so we need to stay close to this MG..

We cancelled the trip to the Niagara Falls and took a stroll in down town Buffalo. Very empty on a Saturday afternoon until we came upon a street market with lots of people and many market stall selling all sort of arty farty stuff. 

Tonight we were invited for dinner to the Pierce Arrow museum. A great place to visit.

We were given a presentation by the great grand son of George Schuster who in 1908 the New York to Paris race about the personal experiences of his grand father in this race. Peking to Paris 2013 was a stroll in the park compared with this race.

A very inspiring story for our group of Mad Motorists. New York to Paris – maybe a rally for the future- via Alaska…

Now an early night as we have a very early start and a full day tomorrow with a quick border crossing in and out of Canada and a timed run on a drag strip. We will now have six rally days in a row before we have another rest day. We have been packing and re packing to make sure we can travel light in the hotels that we will visit.

Good night

Mick & Grace