Day 8 Bay City

Dear Friends,  

We have arrived safely in Bay City only to find that the resort hotel wifi and internet can not handle our demands. So the report will come tomorrow . Except to let you know that this morning at the start in Buffalo just when we wanted to drive away our engine died. A quick check learned that both fuel pumps stopped working. 

The rally mechanics were still on hand and found a faulty relay which of course we did not have in our spares kit. On Sunday the shops are closed so the rally mechanics fixed a temporary solution and off we went with only 45 minutes delay. 

With a bit off fast driving we caught up with the rally at the first time control at around 11 am. Rest of day was long hot with many tropical rain storms but we came home in the same position as we left this morning. Grace kept her cool and we made no mistakes Tomorrow a very tough day 

But more of that tomorrow .
Good night Mick and Grace

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