Friday June 5

Finally! we have got our cars at the hotel car park.
This morning at nine prompt Helen from the local shipping agents collected the four dutch crews and drove us to the warehouse where we were re-united with our weapons of choice.. Helen had to drive twice first to transport the men and another time to take the women. When we got to the warehouse reception we first received a security drill about entering the warehouse. We were made to read a security leaflet and sign some papers. This agent will also deal with the border crossing into the USA. Then we were issued with bright yellow vests and security glasses. The liability in Canada must be as crazy as in the US because it looked like we were entering a nuclear power station .

Anyway after this session we were ushered into the warehouse and finally reunited with our cars. What a relief when we found all four cars in great shape and looking the same as when we dropped them off near Schiphol airport a few weeks ago.
Many thanks GPS and partners for such a good job! 
After some more paperwork we were allowed to start the engines and drive out of the warehouse into the bright sunshine. 

Three Mercs and one MGB.
The ladies had just arrived  at the warehouse when we drove outside and then it happened...
Anty switched off his MG engine and I noticed some fluid leaking from under his car. Fuel!  Further inspection showed some fuel leaking from a carburetor and Anty's face went into  'thunder mode'  Not to worry though because he then quickly traced it to a loose fuel line and when that was tightened the B-V8 engine  sang like a bird. 

We left the warehouse compound quickly to drive our first miles on Canadian soil.
On the 15 minute drive to the hotel we stopped for fuel at a 'gas' station. Price for premium  gas was about 1.25 Canadian dollar per liter. At the hotel we were all asked to take the cars into the large underground hotel car park where there is a special section for the rally cars. We are one of the first cars there as the shipment of cars from the UK are arriving tomorrow morning. Gradually all the competitors are arriving and its nice to see some familiar faces from the Peking to Paris rally in 2013.  Also some new faces including a neighbor of our UK friend Hugh Padgham from London. Small world!

At three this afternoon the ERA rally office opened for business in the hotel lobby.  Kim Banister and team were there to supply us with the latest information and some new event information en-route. Grace has been reading this document and is getting very exited about what we can expect during the next few weeks. To name a few; Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, a baseball game and a rodeo and lots more that we will report on during the next few weeks. I hope she does not forget that she has to get me there first .

This afternoon we also found some time to visit the Maritime museum of Halifax. Lovely old fashioned place but with a nice exhibition on the Titanic history and the great explosion of 1917 that wiped out most of Halifax.

Tonight first official drinks party and dinner at the hotel and tomorrow at 11 the scrupteneering of our cars. Then we get the route books and the fun can begin..

Will be continued!