Moncton day 1

Yes we are here in Moncton and we have just learned that we are 11th overall and that we scored a 5th fastest time at the Atlantic Race track this morning.

What a good first day for Grace who was quite nervous this morning at the start of the rally. 

She did a very good job all day and even small mistakes were corrected without any time penalties .

The start was at the Citadel a hill overlooking Halifax and the Ocean. It was bitterly cold  this morning but bright and sunny so we decided to start with an open top. The route out of town was the first test for driver and navigator and it went well.

An hour into the rally we got our first regularity session. A 10 km gravel track with a timed start and  finish and an average speed of 60 km an hour. Grace has to keep an eye on the distance and time table and I have to try and drive as closely to the average speed as I can manage. Grace calls out the time every minute which I can check with the distance on the trip meter. The first few kilometers she got it upside down and she told me to slow down all the time then she worked out how it worked and we managed to recover most of the lost time at the finish . Great!

Back on the route we were treated to an amazing scenery with many forrest and woodlands and big, big lakes. 

It looks like Norway even the houses are a bit like it except it seems poorer and a bit run down and the people are really big ( fat) unlike the Norwegians. 

It struck us how few people were out and about also in the villages we drove trough.

Around 11 we arrived at an old race track - the Atlantic Race track- where we were going to have two sessions. First two fast laps with a target time of 3 minutes 20 seconds. 

Then off to a lunch location after which we drove back to the track for a regularity session of 2 laps at an average speed of 80 km.

The first session was really good for us as we set 5th fastest time of 3 min 23 sec. , 3 seconds of the target time. The afternoon session was an average speed session and Grace showed she had learned from the morning regularity session  and by the finish we got close to the average of 80 km per  hour.

Later in the afternoon we got a little scare when we found ourselves on a high way going east instead of west but we soon managed to correct it and we did not loose any time.

Tonight after the buffet dinner at the hotel we found we had a good result. Its only the first day but we have this one in the bag.

Oh, by the way we discovered that we are sharing this hotel with the national ladies soccer teams of the UK and France who are playing the ladies World Cup in Canada  at the moment and who are stationed in Moncton.

Tomorrow another day

Good night,