Saturday June 6

One day to go.

As predicted it rained when we woke up this morning and it rained hard! It rained all day and it was cold like winter. Halifax can be a cold place even in June.

Fortunately we did not have to go anywhere because all the events of the day took place in the Marriott Hotel. 

The cars were in the underground car park and the rally signing on and briefings were all done from conference rooms in the hotel.

We started at 9.30 with the scruteneering of our car. One of the ERA inspectors came to our car and went through a checklist of items that we had to have on board. Fire extinguisher,medical kit, warning triangle, tow rope etc. Then they  check if lights, indicators, and the horn work.

We know the ERA marshals/ inspectors from the P2P rally and they know that our car is always well prepared. So the inspection was done quickly and we received a signed form that we took to the rally office to sign on as competitor and collect the time card, route book and route maps.

For Grace a first and when she got her hands on the route book she immdiately found a quiet spot in the hotel lobby and started preparing for the first day of the rally .

In the afternoon there was an official briefing form the organizers  which all competitors have to attend. Rally director Kim Banister did a very efficient and clear presentation about the do's and don't s of the rally .

Then all we had to do is try and pack our many belongings  in the car in such a way that we could get to them when we needed them. 

Grace and I did one more run through the route book to rehearse the first two days of the rally.

Anty has been very helpful to us  with his experience as a navigator but the organizers are also on hand to answer ' stupid questions'  from new navigators.

ERA is a good organization who are really very client friendly and unlike some other classic rally organizers they don not cut corners.

In the evening Tom van den Berg had booked a table for the four dutch crews at the restaurant called the 'Bicycle Thief' 

The restaurant was suggested by Kate a friend from Joe-Jay who comes from Halifax and who send us a list of useful ideas and eateries in Halifax before we arrived here. 

The restaurant was really good with a great atmosphere  and even better food . However all around the table were  starting to get a bit nervous about the start of the rally on Sunday morning.

With the exception of Emile and Marjan Ensink, there are three new crews. Mick and Grace, Anty and Sonja and Tom and Femke.. 

Grace, Sonja and Femke are still very green as navigators so you can imagine their apprehension.

Tomorrow is the big day!